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Modern Retail Business.

SHOP & Earn BIG.

Store pay us. We pay you

Stores pay us a commission for sending you their way and we share the commission with you as Cash Back, Bonus, and Gift Card.



We are supply chain members on Tradepay Marketplace, we build our human and capital resources to push financial limits, you are welcome onboard, our efforts were being compensated with profits, bonuses, and awards.


  1. Make more than $200 (100,000 Naira) daily
  2. Free Gift-Card to buy or pay bills  on Tradepay Marketplace.
  3. An opportunity to become a digital entrepreneur with zero capital on our marketplace and have access to millions of available products to sell and the tools to sell them and make more money.
  4. If you are already into business, the kashcraft program will help to Skyrock your sales by giving you a chance to become a vendor on our marketplace where millions of shoppers buy and make money daily.
  5. KashCraft program makes available to everyone both Passive & Active modes of wealth creation available for subscribers at their own decision effortlessly.
  6. KashCraft will turn your mobile phone and your social media into a fortune-making machine so there won’t be a need to complain of No Job, No Money, or lack of needs.

How it works


Sign up with a sponsor link/ID, Subscribe to a desired package to become a member.


Share with friends and family & let the Button do the magic for you.


Watch your all round growth, then get paid via your local bank account.


Sign up

For activated members, we share with you between $0 – $3000 paid weekly for a year. 

Sell Product


your active effort can earn you more $1-$50 effort bonus per prospect, $1- $100 as team bonus and Gift-Cards to shop in addition and unlimited commission. You are active share links and recruit more prospects. 

Build Teamk


your active effort can earn you more $1-$50 effort bonus per prospect, $1- $100 as team bonus and Gift-Cards to shop in addition and unlimited commission. You are active share links and recruit more prospects. 

Who can be a member

Anybody above 18 years of age with a strong belief in financial freedom and ready to be financially free.
KashCraft has come to give the clear difference between an online business that works in the eCommerce world.


Earn between 300 Naira – 400,000 Naira daily.

Daily withdrawable Direct Registration Bonus to fuel your daily needs.

Shopping Gift Card to shop for needed items100% freely from our marketplace.

Sell  marketplace products to get a commision up to  5% of the purchased product price (optional)

Craft millions to complete or start your own business or project.

Several job opportunities of Retail industry shared with members to make all feel good and live better.

Perfectly design for entrepreneurs like you

Easy to do anywhere

An online membership business easily accesible to do on any media devices e.g laptops or smartphones.

Liberty to financial flow

You determine what to earn, when to earn and how much your can earn online.

No specialised technical skill is needed

Just invitation of friends, family or colleague is require. Its easy because everyone wants genuine online business to ease their hustle. 

Seamless withdrawal method.

Simple withdrawal method to your local bank account, direct cashout by registering or transfer to a prospect from your account wallet.


Simple, Transparent & Secure

It is a calculated business, with do it yourself simple approach, easy to understand dashboard. Secure and scalable in design.

Detail of What you earn.

Direct referrer bonus = 5% on every direct registration (250,000 Naira as Maximum Direct referrer Daily Limit)

Gift Card = 20% gift card on every activated account under you. ( use to shop freely from our marketplace).

Weekly drop = 2.5% weekly drop of members entry package (Applicable to Mini and Maxi Package only)

Team bonus = Bonus you get as your team grows (150,000 Naira as maximum daily team bonus)

Welcome package = Free membership registration gifts as new KashCraft member (Applicable to Maxi Packages only)


Active Member ( Referrer )

Bonus and reward summary

  • 2.5% weekly sales profit share
  • One level package upgrade within your entry category.
  • 25% ROI plus your Membership Entry Capital
  • Shop conveniently from your earnings
  • 2-5% return commission when you buy from our marketplace.
  • Daily team bonus (150,000 Naira max/day)
  • Direct Registration Bonus (250,000 Naira max/day)
  • Shopping Free Gift Cards.
  • Supply chain entity level reward.

Shop, Earn Big & be Happy.